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About the Yana A. Roy team

In these hard economic times it's no surprise to find both businesses and consumers having difficulty paying their debts. You need look no further than your local paper to see that Bankruptcies and foreclosures are on the rise, people being evicted from their homes, and Bankruptcies are on the rise.

Consumer debtors are becoming especially overwhelmed by soaring interest rates, loss of income, medical bills and overly aggressive collection calls. If you yourself are having difficulty paying your debts or find the amount you owe to be overly burdensome and are looking for an experienced Bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate through the complicated and confusing Bankruptcy process, then look no further.

At Yana A. Roy & Associates, P.C., your Bankruptcy Attorney will guide you through each and every step of the Bankruptcy process. Whether you're a worrier or a more laid back person, you will find that our office will make every effort to address each and every concern you may have with respect to your Bankruptcy case. We strive to return each phone call, email and message immediately and if not, within 24 hours of your call.

With our help our clients have been able to eliminate millions of dollars of credit card debt, save their homes and get the fresh start they have been waiting for. There exists no better evidence of how we treat our clients then the testimonials of our clients themselves.

While every Bankruptcy case is different and every outcome is different, the service remains the same. We will treat you like we would like to be treated if we were in your shoes. Your finances are giving you enough stress, so we make it our goal to make the Bankruptcy process as stress free as possible.

We serve a variety of clients, some are trying everything to avoid Bankruptcy, others need to file an emergency Bankruptcy, while others just want information on Bankruptcy and others want to know what effects filing a Bankruptcy will have on them or their families. We offer a free 30 minute Bankruptcy consultation, where we try to address any concerns a potential Bankruptcy client may have.

When you're looking for a Bankruptcy attorney you should look for a Bankruptcy attorney who works on Bankruptcy cases on a daily basis. Why deal with attorneys who deal with Bankruptcies once in a while? Wouldn't you want an attorney who deals primarily with Bankruptcy? At Yana A. Roy & Associates, P.C., John Castro, Esq., deals mostly with consumer Bankruptcy cases and have filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcies and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies behalf of many clients over the years. Mr. Castro has the experience and knowledge behind him to assist you in your time of need and get your case resolved.

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